I Feel Misunderstood.
July 20, 2018
It is so much easier to withdraw!
July 28, 2018

I usually don’t do posts like that, but today I thought I will!
Walking down the river enjoying the sun and looking fabulous, I pass a guy who is stretching his legs for training- someone who lives in the area and I know for a while now, we have had an incident before, few years back, when I was walking my bike totally drunk and he decided to help me, only invited me  to his house to try his “big black cock!”

Even being drunk I started screaming so he would leave me alone and give me back my bike! I was really wasted then and hardly could walk, but luckily my head was sober enough to stand up for myself.
Every time I walk past this guy he offers me his personal trainer services and every time I say no- and last time have reminded him of that incident.

This time he offers me his “services” again and when I say NO- he says to me that I look pregnant!
The moral of the story is- when people are rejected they try to hurt others – as their ego hurts!

Looking pregnant to me is beautiful! When a woman is glowing, and getting ready to give life! Yet some asshole is trying to shame this holy state!
I am totally aware that I have a little cute belly and I love it! It’s my holy part that holds my universe inside!
My boyfriend thinks my belly is cute and knows the power of what is underneath my skin.
So ladies, if you ever been shamed for your body – make sure you pay attention who is shaming you- as very often that is deep insecurities of others are being reflected on you! Don’t get attached to it!
Also, very often it is an opportunity to stand up for yourself! Something that we don’t do enough!
Love yourself! Be proud of yourself and keep going forward no matter what!
You got this! I love you!

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