The main reason I  began working with Eugina was that I witnessed her speaking with someone around their aloneness and she didn't turn away.  In fact, she leaned in and took that person on a personal journey in a group of people.  She claimed the opportunity to open to intimacy and that touched and impressed me because I got to see that person sink deeper into liberation and feeling loved.  I love fearlessness and she embodied it.   The greatest support and growth....is that I get to feel heard on a regular basis and have someone lean in and reflect back to me what she is picking up...that I may not be aware of or avoid.  She offers tools to move the energy in dark places..  It helps me remain present to the most important parts of my life, however that looks for me, and it untangles my energy around certain aspects so that I flow more clearly.   It's like a weekly sweeping.   There is nothing that doesn't work about working with Eugina.  She's on time AND flexible at the same time.  She is engaged and curious....and tracks places of high sensation from call to call which feels so good.   She's respectful, genuine and asks permission to lean in, in certain places.  I feel honoured by her attention.   One issue I have had with many other coaches is they have given reflections that never felt accurate to me as if they didn't truly see me.  I have never felt that with Eugina.  Another reason I chose to work with her.   I would love for her to be in a quiet place when we are on our call.  I love that she doesn't mind just voice on zoom too.  ;)     I would love to experience......more of her beautiful presence.  Honestly.  Your maturity is so nourishing to me. I adore your approach and style.  I'm so glad you were at the party the last night in LA.  Otherwise, I may have never gotten to know you.   Thank you for sending the calls.  I love that!!


"I have been working with Eugina for several weeks now. In this short time I have been able to build my self confidence and really step out of my comfort zone. Eugina helped me re-frame many of my beliefs that have been holding me back. Beliefs around me not being good enough, sex, procrastination and the awkwardness I felt when meeting new people. She was there to guide me to see the real women that has been yearning to come out. With her tools I have a more intimate relationship with my fiance and I feel like a stronger women that can voice her desires." Thanks for all your help!


My first biggest problem before working with Eugina; was being unable to find a deep underlying issue that I didn't even remember that was there. Concerning my feelings on my own sexuality and how it affected me growing up with the opposite sex. As I was quite a tomboy as a child. As soon as I found this realisation it was completely overwhelming. .. Like a massive dark cloud had been lifted from me. My second blew me away... I realised my core belief that I had built my life around came from my Aunt. My dad's sister. She spoke abusively about mum all the time in front of us as children. Dad didn't tell her to stop.  I realised this has affected me so very deeply and I had carried it all my life. Blaming get mum. My anger carried me all my life. How I kept going all that time.  The biggest breakthroughs realising where the deep pain came from during a child. Because of an incident with a boy my age. So I could speak about it with emotion.  And then Eugina helped me let it all go... By changing my beliefs.  Realising that it wasn't my mum after all these years that planted the seed in my head. How bad a person she was. It was my Aunt. The pain was immense,  but greatfully accepted. As I could then let go of all this deep set pain I had held onto for 45 yrs of my life. I thought it was when I was 5yrs old that I took on mums pain. But it was only Becos of the adults around me, that had literally brainwashed my by their own words. And destroyed my life relationship with my morher. ... Yet I did do it. Before mum passed we had an amazing & beautiful  connection. That at mums funeral  I literally felt my Aunts sadness that I was actually happy.... Because she noticed the change in me.  Now I feel free from these burdens I carried all my life. From the age of five. I am now 50. I can now look forward. Not backwards.  I feel energised.  Happy. Content and free to start living my life as the beautiful woman I've always dreamed of being.  The possibilities are now endless...  The biggest problem that I only have in my life now...  Is what do I do first... I can live with that!!! Thank you so very much Eugina. I am truly blessed our paths crossed.  With much love. Namaste.  Karen Archer.        


The biggest problem I had before working with Eugina was the way I treated my- self ,I continuously criticized my -self negatively for everything I did, which was of course never good enough . My opinion of myself was that I was ugly and stupid unworthy of love or positive praise and that people were being nice to me for altered motives.   One of the many  breakthroughs I had was that I wasn't  a cork being tossed around by chance, or people, places and things in a stormy ocean of life, as I thought I was,  but that I had control over my own life and destiny, that I had mastery over my own life. Another breakthrough that I have also experienced is that I  have control over the negative chatter in my head and have realized that it is not true but  also not me. I also realised that I am a great person who has done some amazing things that I should be proud off.    What is possible now that was not before we worked together, Is that I can have a peaceful and  loving life with myself, I can be a loving and deserving partner who can provide for his family. The possibility that I can have and deserve an amazing life is now achievable!


My biggest problems before working with you were that I really lacked in self-esteem and self-confidence. I didn't know how to peruse the things that I really wanted in life. I have had a breakthrough in my relationship with my partner. I have learnt to really listen to him and we are having sexy telephone conversations every night. I have tuned into my feminine and now yearning for him every day. Now I see that following and achieving some of my dreams are possible. It has been absolute fun being off work. I didn't think that was possible before as I would have been fretting about not being able to pay my bills. I have learnt new ways to feel inner peace. I believe that there will always be a way to get what I want.  Thank you Eugina Xx


Hi Eugina, I just wanted to say thank you for working with me and my past and making the links between my digestion and not accepting previous circumstances and learning how to recognise that and come to terms with that. It is something that I think about daily and I work on daily. Every time the situation or same thought processes come up, I remind myself the techniques that you though me, hand on my heart recognising that emotion and forgiving. Things are going good digestion wise and I feel so much more focused with my food and I care more about it. I am really grateful and I wanted to share that with you. It makes a lot of sense, as I only started having digestion problem 4 years ago, when I started remembering my childhood and all my childhood issues came overnight and I remember during that time my digestion issues started to appear and I have been to hospital once for 6 days because of that. And as you saw, when I saw you recently this situation gets me really down. But since seeing you and having these conversations with you I just feel like I have a new light and I am so much more grateful for my past cos my pain can be my power, cos my pain can be my light and just wanted to say how grateful I am.  But I just wanted to say thank you for bringing that into focus for me. Thank you!


After working with Eugina I felt energised, motivated and excited. I now know how to release negative emotions and unleash my sexual energy. I highly recommend working with Eugina, she is a true gem and takes a stand for helping people awaken their sexual energy, which is truly life changing.