I was looking for Love

It is so much easier to withdraw!
July 28, 2018

I was looking for love all my life, obsessively. And every single time it ended up with the heartache.

My unhealthy relationship with love started taking me out of control and resent intimate connection with men.

One time in particular, when I liked a guy- I remember thinking to myself: “I wonder how is he going to hurt me?!”

My mind has set out that LOVE=PAIN.

And sure thing he did hurt me. I shut down, never let anyone in, as it hurts…. only wishing for love. To LOVE and to be LOVED.

I have so much LOVE to give!!! How can I keep it all to myself?

I started healing, discovering new ways of being and what was holding me back, as I refused to believe that every single time my Love towards another man will result in pain!! It was not a reality I would settle for!!!

Fast forward few years and I am in the beautiful relationship with the man of my dreams (I literally created him!!!) And Universe has been so kind to us to bring this dream to live.

My mission is to create more LOVE in the world, and I am, therefore, have created THE WEBINAR for Spiritual Women. Fall in Love Without Breaking Your Heart.

I will share with you what helped me to move forward in my Love Life, ask for what I want and Recieve it!

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