About me

Eugina Oleinikova

A Coach, Speaker, Healer, Master Manifester, Pleasure and Orgasm Educator.

I help spiritual men and women magnetise their dream partner and create the Love life they Desire. I work with people one to one and group sessions, events and retreats. I create tailor-made VIP experiences for my clients, who want to take their life to the next level, release shame, guilt and fear; healing of emotional wounds and past experiences; manifesting their true desires into physical reality.

My area of expertise is unleashing true desires, of any kind. It could be sexual desires, partnership desires, confidence, communication and personal growth. I help and guide my clients through the hard times, where they feel stuck and unfulfilled, where it seems no way out and at times they want to just give up and settle for less than they desire, when deep inside they know that they do want to succeed in life and create the best life for themselves, filled with connection, affection, confidence, communication, desire and love. Helping people create long-lasting relationships, confidence in going after their dreams, careers and becoming the best version of self, you have met yet!

In my work I am implementing learnings from Orgasm, Buddhism, Tantra, NLP, BDSM, Kink, Art of Teasing, Art of Seduction though Movement, Life coaching and many years of self- development, self- discovery and healing.
I am highly intuitive and open to guide and hold people, who never fit in the “norms” of society, and are looking forward to unleashing their true desires in their life, love, pleasure and relationships.